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Online calculation of customs fees

Barka and Silk Trading Company offers online services for calculating duties and customs duties for imported goods.


Instant service inquiry

Our real-time service allows you to calculate costs and business services without the need to be in person.

Provision of services for temporary entry and transit of goods

With a history of more than a decade in the field of commercial services and international trade, Barka and Silk Trading Company is known as one of the industry leaders. With an experienced and expert team, this company provides services such as import, export, clearance, international transportation, and business consulting. With a focus on quality, accuracy, and international connections, Barka and Silk Trading Company provides its customers with unmatched quality assurance and service.


With expertise in import, export, clearance, international transportation and business consulting, our team provides customers with quality and reliable services.

Clients Worlwide

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Providing foreign exchange services for trade and commerce, foreign purchase and supply, international marketing and international transportation are important principles and needs in import and export, and all matters related to these processes are carried out by Barka and Silk Trading Company.


Sourcing and purchasing foreign goods

Using advanced communication tools and international networks, Barka and Silk Trading Company quickly and accurately sources foreign sellers and manufacturers and buys the desired goods online at the lowest price and taking into account currency fluctuations.


Online purchasing and international fund transfers.

With us, buy the goods you want from reliable sites and get them in your hands in the shortest time. If the products you want are available on Amazon or Alibaba, your order will be registered quickly. Business team in cooperation with foreign offices will transfer and pay the funds for you


Order registration, currency allocation, and streamlined banking for clearing foreign exchange obligations.

Your orders will be registered and confirmed quickly in the comprehensive trading system. The Barka and Silk trade specialist team will carefully perform all foreign currency transactions on your card, and it will eliminate the obligation and carry out optimal import and export.


International transportation and clearance of goods from domestic and foreign customs

Your goods will be shipped quickly and safely by air, sea or land by leading shipping companies such as Fedex. Clearance of goods from Tehran and Bandar Abbas customs, as well as clearance in UAE and Turkey is done with the fastest time and the parcels are delivered to you.

Specialized services

Provision of temporary entry and goods transit services

We will use all our ability and capacity in order to establish a constructive relationship with domestic and foreign businessmen.


Timely delivery

Inspired by our commitment to quality, our trading company has made on-time delivery its main priority, in order to satisfy and reassure our dear customers.


Official contract

By signing official contracts, our trading company ensures legal relations and provides quality services according to these agreements.


Safe import

Our trading company, with extensive experience and expertise in the field of import, assures customers that their import process will be done quickly.


free consultation

Our company is proud to offer free consultations with its expert team, to provide the best solutions for the development of your business activities.

Specialized services
business business

By providing specialized services, our trading company will help you to move forward in the path of your business success. From consultation to implementation, our experience and expertise are always at your service

  • Participation in customs dispute settlement commissions
  • Accepting claims for customs dispute resolution and customs appeals

A perspective on our performance

Our performance in the clearance of goods from foreign and domestic customs, as well as the export and import of the goods you need is only part of our resume in the field of international trade.

Increase efficiency

Lowering business taxes

countries covered

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Our Commerce company is committed to providing quality services and valuable experience by focusing on customer satisfaction and is always committed to improving customer satisfaction.

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Our Commerce company will keep you updated. From the latest industry and business developments to marketing and economic information, we provide you with all the news.

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